I’m a Danish Targeted Individual through 2,5 years, subject of illegal Electronic Harassment, Gang Stalking, Break-Ins, torture with (so called non-lethal) Directed Energy Weapons, Voice to Skull technology (V2K)/Microwave Hearing(research MK-Ultra), possibly Implanted with highly sophisticated Nano-Chip-Technology. Furthermore I have been kicked off Facebook 16 times, 3 Facebook-Profiles have been completely dismantled within the same time period.

Electro-engineer Lars Drudgaard has been a Targeted Individual since 2012. He has been the most outspoken Danish victim of Neuro-Weapons testing, Electronic Harassment and Organized Gang Stalking. Here is his presentation about the history of Neuro-Weapon Technologies at the Open Mind Conference 2012:

Lars Drudgaard interviewed by the Swedish Lawyer Henning Witte about his experiences as a subject of advanced Neuro-Weapons Technologies and Organized Gang Stalking:

PET-Torturoffer is yet another Danish Targeted Individual:

Here is another friend of mine who is a Danish Targeted Individual: